The best technology
in refrigeration
for transportation

Thermo Star produces equipment for
transport refrigeration with quality and
state-of-the-art technology. High-performance
equipment with modern and bold design.


Thermo Star produces equipment for transport refrigeration for both the national and international market. The equipments are high quality, bold in design, state-of-the-art materials, fast delivery, competitive prices and one year warranty. Thermo Star is also certified with ISO 9001:2015 for quality management system.


Our equipment lines

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The coupled equipment line work with a compressor coupled to the vehicle’s motor. This mechanism allows the refrigeration equipment to maintain the quality of goods in road operation.
This makes your goods travels secure, respecting the quality standards, from loading to delivery.

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Coupled and Electrical

The coupled and electrical equipment line has two modes of operation. The refrigeration through compressor coupled during transport of the food, and the electric mode started when the vehicle is stopped. This line is 60% cheaper than the normal electric motor, giving flexibility to long distance transport aiming at maintaining the quality of the products transported.

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The line of diesel equipment is more robust in order to guarantee greater refrigeration autonomy, generating more flexibility and not compromising the quality of the products transported.

Yanmar engine with low noise and low vibration

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Eutectic Plate

The Thermo Star line of eutectic plates allows us to extend the logistic and commercial practices that were previously restricted to a low refrigeration requirement. Ideal for products with high refrigeration requirements such as "ice cream", it guarantees an agile and efficient distribution.

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